Tuesday 1 July 2008

It's alive!!!

Not in a scary Frankenstein's monster way... but CreativityLife.com is now up and running, there is going to be more and more content each day, scrummy layouts, a place to chat and loads of other inspiration, but for now the most important bit is the ability to get your mits on this stack of goodies for half the retail price.... not bad eh?

After the big launch I escaped up to the Forest and grabbed a few pics of the many varied expressions of Martha!

Also spotted a small herd of Fallow deer, it's amazing the difference in colouration, plus if you look closely you can see the Stag's velvety covering on his growing antlers... a bit like Doodlebug Flocking!!! (On which note, I had a play with some of the Gorgeous Velvet Coating tonight and will be sharing on Creativity Life later this week or early next, once I get it's video filmed!)

And to finish, a baby Donkey.... just because I can!

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