Tuesday 29 July 2008

Retrieve this!

Here's another of my pages using the Homgrown Scrapbooks Summer Survival Kit - love this circle pattern paper.... it's a slight variation on my usual favourite - dots!
Martha rejected her all encompassing love of sticks for a while tonight.... she thought it would be much more fun to try retrieving this little terrier instead! He was a bit less keen on the whole premise!
Pulled over at the side of the road in the Forest on the way home to take a few pics of some Donkeys... but while I was grabbing the camera out of the bag a friendly pair came over to say hello! This little person then proceeded to snuffle Martha through the window!


Laura said...

C.U.T.E. x

Anita said...

Fab layout Katy , not sure if you did it for the weekly challenge on UKS but it fits most of the criteria ... !
Love the look on MArthas face at the little dog in her 'water space'! Cute cute piccie of the donkey , what a lovely velvety nose !