Monday 7 July 2008

Anyone got an ark?

After torrential rain ALL day today, the clouds parted as I left the office allowing us to get out and about... so where do me and Martha head? Straight to the nearest pond for her to have a paddle!!

Of course the essential Newfie paddle had to go via a little detour to Tesco of all places to pick up a pair of these gorgeous entities! I'm always yearning for a Cath Kidston bag, but i've never gotten to a store.. (i know I could easily buy online, but that's not the point!) so when I heard I could use a charitable donation as a thinly veiled excuse, I knew I had to grab these! They are just £3.50 each and 50p from each goes to Marie Curie! Do you need another excuse? Nope? Then get yourself down to Tesco!

I think my June Studio Calico kit is like a fold in space and time.. it seems to be never ending! I've done so many pages with it and have lots more to share this week. I am a bit of a 'mean' scrapper tho... those two bit's of the stripey October Afternoon paper are literally just two little slithers!

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