Monday 22 September 2008

Dotty.... you were surprised?

I have a longstanding passion for dots.. if there is a spotty sheet in a paper pack, it's always the first one i go for... i love them so much that I often can't resist cutting into them... that full 12x12 vista of polka dots is often far too good to hack into... so much so that these spotty sheets end up as a background to my page. Like this one and these ones.
It's also the reason this is my favourite Cath Kidston  bag! (Tesco Value Daaaarling!)
But on this occasions I was very well behaved.... using about a third of this gorgeous October Afternoon paper on this page - if i'm honest I couldn't bring myself to use it all as I wanted to use some of the other side on this page too! It's the cool leafy one if you were wondering....
I love this picture of Martha and Lola, so very, very cute with their big kissy noses!!

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~Vicki~ said...

loving that layout, and the cath kitson bag is yummy!!!!