Wednesday 10 September 2008

Mean Kisser!

I can't resist these Rose Moka papers and alphabet stickers - They are so very vibrant - they are just beggin to be used! I've combined them with some Thickers (of course!) plus some Doodlebug Trims and a 'Flocked' bone! I love that there are so many touchy feely products about at the moment - who could resist?
The picture on this one is lovely Martha, who despite being a big fan of cuddles, is a bit more mean with her kisses! However she does offer up her big muzzle for you to kiss! What a diva!


Anita said...

Such a cute layout Katy and I agree with you about all the lovely textures at the mo. I feel quite honoured to have been lucky enough to have been given a kiss !

Rach and Rob said...

loving all your new los- thanks again for the dymo tape gonna use it tomo, so prob be back for more lol - rachel (reward)