Monday 22 September 2008

Everybody be cool.... you, be cool....

It's like whoever schedules the Channel 4 movies on a Monday night has been browsing my DVD collection - they seem to be showing all those classic (nay cult) movies that you can watch over and over - so much so that you know it nearly word for word, but that 90% of people you know have never seen... Last week was the classic - The Fifth Element which I adore! Bruce Willis before he was too old to be an action hero and Chris Tucker in possibly the funniest role ever!
This week i've just sat down and I can't belive my luck.... it's From Dusk till Dawn! Gorgeous George as the most appealing ciminal known to man (er.... to woman).... i remember seeing it at the cinema with a friend... whom I didn't tell the twist before hand! I love this film so much I even have the soundtrack!
My picture today is Martha in her new favourite watering hole. It's a lovely big lake in the New Forest which is deep enough for her to have a proper swim, not just a paddle... Perfect!

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