Monday 16 February 2009

And so the big day arrived...

Saturday night I decided to take my flu-raveged person off to visit the new Southampton Ikea which opened on Thursday - It's only a short pop up the motorway and was such a treat not having a two hour (each way) haul over to Croydon/Bristol. I was a very good girl and dutifully popped my camera in my bag, but I think I got a bit over excited and totally forgot to take any photos! Southampton had a new shopping centre a few years back (West Quay) which totally dominated the Southampton skyline but Ikea totally obiliterates it from view!
This is a artists impression and it totally doesn't do it justice! The store is over 4 floors and is truly massive!
 I was quite well behaved and only picked up a few essential bits that I definately NEEDED - I think knowing I can pop along easily certainly helps the 'it's only a quid' panic buying - I did have my eye on a couple of nice 12x12 Expedit units but I couldn't lift the box so I had to go without! I'll try and find a likely helper to do the hard work before the amazing offer ends!
A page to share today featuring the Jan (i think?) Studio Calico kit - they now include some of their own exclusive papers which strike me as quite 'October Afternoon'. The pics are Martha enjoying some nice healthy fruit! I've just noticed the length of Doodlebug trim at the bottom was flopped rather!
I've decided to keep my various 365 pics on my Flickr account - it's seems a bit mental to upload them to two places so if you'd like to keep up with them you can get their via the Flickr widget on the right hand side - feel free to add me as a contact - i'd love to see your pics too!

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