Tuesday 17 February 2009

Scrapping your scraps...

I'm not precious about scraps, if they are teeny weeny, i'm happy to admit they are beyond being useful and consign them to the recycling bin. But some scraps I find a bit more difficult to part with - Scenic Route is one, and Sassafras is another. And i'm really glad about that. Sometimes a few little bits and pieces can be the perfect starting point to a page. Even better because somehow the smaller the scraps the quicker the page.
So if you have a nice selection of little scraps (maybe the left overs from a monthly kit) whip them out and create a fast page... link them here letting me know if you found scraps made you speedy too!


Laura said...

I love that layout and of course, those photos are just unreal. Made me giggle! :) I have no idea how you manage to live with all that drool *grin*.

Laura said...

Another Laura posting now!

I love this LO and am totally nicking this idea, I love it!

Also....I forgot to thank you for the chicken comment last week! lol. I am even more concerned than I once was about the potential egg "going off" risk! I would love to have some chooks in our garden, but we only have a basic patio really and I just don't think it's really a "London thing", maybe one day though x