Saturday 2 February 2008 swans a!

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So the floods are starting to diminish round here leaving loads of swans merrily foraging in the water meadows, so today's pic is just that...

After a lovely long walk this morning, Martha visited her favourite pet shop - Pampurred Pets in Ferndown. She's been a regular since before she could walk (she COULD of course walk, but wasn't allowed before her vaccinations!) and I perch her on the counter to give Newfy kisses to all the staff, especially her favourite - Tom. She gets to hang out behind the counter and puts on her bestest 'I'm so starving' face and is encouraged to stick her head in the biscuit hoppers, like a canine pick and mix. Today (after many cuddles) she met an older couple whom she loved! I think the main appeal might have been the ladies *real* fur coat.... I nearly puked in disgust, but Martha was a big fan! I didn't feel at all bad that it got all slobbery! Haha!

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