Tuesday 5 February 2008

New Challenge

There's a new challenge online at 'A True Friend' please do pop along and join in, there is some fab inspriration from the girls!

The theme this time is 'Your home from your pets point of view' - Martha's favourite object in the house is definately her water dish. She gets quite frantic if she's away from a drink for more than about 5 mins. Even when she's in the ring, I have to have a helper standing by to give her water at every opportunity! I took this pic with my awesome waterproof digi-cam. It was on self timer and plonked in the bottom of the bowl just before drinkies time! Volia.... one watery view of Martha!

My page is using some of my beloved Bampop. I'm loving it more and more at the moment and it's even better when combined with a bit of Hambley, some Thickers and some Journalling blocks from Etsy.

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