Friday 1 February 2008

Happy helpers!

After a rather busy day at work, i've had a lovely evening scrapping with Lola and then Martha helping! As those who've cropped here will agree, they love to help, and as long as you watch that any flying dribble doesn't hit your pics, you'll be fine! ;-) I think most of the country are forecast at least a light coating of snow this weekend, but i'd bet that we don't get any! Typical! What i'd give for just enough to get some snowy pictures!
Martha ventured upstaris for the first time today, accompanied by me of course! It's important to stop young - fast growing Newfs running up and down stairs but she'd been peering up there for a while, so thought it best to teach her how to navigate them safely rather than bouncing or falling! She loved finding more rooms, but it'll be a rare occaision for her to visit them...!

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