Thursday 12 June 2008

Anyone for a steak?

Spring rain means the perfect excuse for a scrummy pub lunch and that includes Martha! The Red Shoot Inn at Linwood in the New Forest is perfect! The typical country pub with gorgeous wooden floors and yummy food, but even better it is so very welcoming to hikers, ramblers, horse riders, cyclists and anyone else with muddy boots.... or paws! Not only did Martha get a big cuddle from all the staff, but also a nice bowl of water (essential for a Newfy!) and some complimentary biscuits!

You can just spot a peek of Martha's bib in this picture as well! She's got a few in various girly shades, so any stray dribble can be mopped up in-situe! This is her summery rich plum shade!

1 comment:

Bunnymommy said...

Awww bless Martha!!! Please can you put up more full shots of Martha wearing her bib? xxx