Sunday 1 June 2008


I love attempting to capture a really excellent shot of Martha shaking... I think the second of these is my favourite but its still not quite perfect! Ah well... try and try again!

I'm loving watching Springwatch on the BBC at the moment, and here's my own little spring life picture to join in with the baby bird theme! Love these little Canada Geese goslings! Had a minor moment of panic today as I came home to a pair of ducks sitting in the front garden, the girl duck settled down amoung some twigs! For a brief moment I was sure they had made a nest there - not ideal with Newfs roaming about as you can imagine, but it seemed (thankfully) that they were just visisting!

Just finished watching the last episodes of the current season of Lost... I can't say much at the risk of spoilers but i think OMG pretty much sums it up!!!

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The Zoo said...

Those are beautiful pictures! We have some baby swans (I think they are called signets) on the lake at our cottage. They are adorable too! I'll try to capture some pictures of them when we go next week and post on my blog. Great pics of Martha shaking!