Saturday 28 February 2009

Hair today... gone tomorrow?

The new challenge has just gone live over at A True Friend. This time it's about about grooming... pop on over and see everyones pages and if you have a fur baby please do join in! We love seeing your pages!

My page actually features one of my Christmas cards photoshoot outtakes. I love Martha's big hairy ears flapping about (even though it's not 'proper' for Newfs... they are supposed to be trimmed so they sit much neater!). The page is using some Cosmo - My Campy which once you get past the bit's with Smores on (which after googling them sound rank!) it's pretty darn cool!


Laura said...

this is sooooooooooooooooooooo super cute!

Laura said...

You are wrong about smores...they are lovely....but only when cooked over a campfire.

Melt your marshmallow on a kebab stick, when nice and gooey, squish it between two chocolate digestives, chocolate facing inwards and then enjoy your hot mallow biscuit sandwich!

mmmmmm : )

Laura said...

Love the layout and the photo!!

Sandra said...

Aw how cute does she look.
Ur hair's just perfect honey. Don be taking no notice of that bad Mummy!! LOL!