Tuesday 8 April 2008

Joe to the Rescue!

I'm not a big gardening person... I can kill the unkillable, and combined with 8 huge stompy Newfy paws, the garden is definately an 'organic' beast. So to the rescue today came my Uncle Joe! He heroically tackled the uber-long 'lawn' (a very loose term... it's like calling the Atlantic a nice wee pond) tamed Martha's latest trench excavations and deconstructed some decking that I have been working on removing for a year! (not even kidding... I started not long after Martha arrived!) The garden looks pretty damn presentable now with less bald patches than I remember.... considering the amount of Newfy abuse that isn't too bad! I pretended to help by taking a few pics, but Martha was much more contientious... staying nearby and offering slobbery kisses when needed! So... thanks Joe!

So while all this hard work was going on, I'm a bit embarassed to say I got on with some rather more fun tasks.. namely cracking on with my March Studio Calico kit... it's looking rather depleted now, so I can start hoping for the next to arrive! I managed 6 pages tonight and I promise to get some scanning done tomorrow to share them!


joe said...

Enjoyed doing you garden,it needs a bit more work where martha has her digs.

Sandie Da Silva said...

I much prefer the scrapping too! But he did a good job!