Monday 14 April 2008

It's my party...

As it's my pic of the day, i'm allowed to break the rules once in a while! Today's picture of the day is actually video of the day, so brace yourself for a generous helping of shaky cam!

For anyone I haven't bored rigid with this... the hydrotherapy is for Lola to build up muscle in her back legs after operations on her cruciates. (For anyone who likes those medical documentaries or if you like living life on the edge and fancy risking coming across gory operation pictures, try googling TPLO for the full info of what she had done!)

Because she's so big she can't be simply lifted into the pool and she can't be trusted to use the ramp in case she was to slip (smaller dogs get a snazzy life jacket and get lowered into the water by hand over the pool edge - slightly bigger ones also have a life jacket but use the ramp). Instead Lola has to endure the joys of the winch! She first has to wear a sling thing that hooks onto the winch and is then hoisted up in the air tinkerbell stylee (with 3 people guiding and helping!) before being lowered into the pool. Lola knows her main job is to get us all as wet as possible on her way in and out of the pool - a task at which she excels!

She then gets about 20mins of swimming with resistance jets for added effect, however Lola likes to circuit the pool to make sure everyone is watching her every move!

After her required swimming quota, she's hoisted back out, leaving a generous slick of hair that is carefully skimmed from the surface and gets a luxurious shampoo and blow dry! It all sounds far too pampering to be an effort! But at least she'll be looking her best for Birthday tomorrow!

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joe said...

Happy 4th birthday to Lola,i wish she enjoyes her party x.