Sunday 6 April 2008

Spring or Winter?

Woke up this morning to a rather generous sprinkling of snow which was soooo nice to see! It must be at least 6 years since we last had this much round here, it was definitely a first look for either Lola or Martha and they loved it! Much munching, bouncing and snuffling went on and after we had the obligatory little snowballs hanging in leg fur!

The sun is out now though and it's nearly all gone so it was a good job I was up nice and early to grab a few pics!


joe said...

Excellent spring snow photos well taken brill.

Gary,Charity,Scarlett,Katie&Louis said...

That's about the same stingy amount of snow we had this year. We never get enough snow here. Our older Siberian sister, Scarlett, is always bragging about how much snow she got to play in when she lived in Minnesota. Glad you guys got to enjoy it for a little while.

Newfie kisses,
Katie and Louis