Saturday 12 April 2008

Virtue? Pah!

They say patience is a virtue... but i've never been all that thrilled by virtue... So i'm feeling justified in being totally unpatient (ok, ok impatient) about the arrival (or lack thereof) of my Studio Calico kit! Although it's about 15 days before when it came last month, loads of my pals have theirs, so I want mine!!! I'm on about 11 pages and counting with last months though, so I can be content in the knowledge that once it comes i'll put it to good use!

Just a quick portait snap of Martha today, I may be biased but she's sooo totally beautiful! Just the perfect head in my eyes for a young Newf, and once i get those ears trimmed she'll be purrrfect!


joe said...

Perfectly taken,she looks pleased to be in the water cool.

Sandie Da Silva said...

She certainly is perfect! Well Lola too apart from that big beautiful tail!! (and we love that too!)