Saturday 5 April 2008

Damn you Jessops!

Went out first thing this morning, to pick up a photo magazine from Smiths... i didn't get what I intended though but more about that later... Took these earlier of my lovely Lola enjoying a nice walk in the Forest, it's so nice to have her out and about doing what she loves after a tough last year!

So on with my new aquisition... while I was over at WHSmiths I thought i'd pop into Jessops to ogle the Canons and annoy the assistants by nagging for price matches... everyone know Jessops hate discounting and I love winding them up! So anyway I has having a fiddle with a Canon 40D and asked if they' price-match the cheapest online price i'd seen... and they said YES!!! My jaw dropped and even though I hadn't intended to buy (i was just out for the giggle) I couldn't really say no! So with the help of my flexible friend I'm now a 2 camera household! And I have to say it's awesome... Combined with my lovely 'L' it's rugged, sharp, oh so fast to focus and a joy to use. It has THE most satisfying clunk when you hit the shutter. In love again i'm afraid!!!
Took these quick shots to test him out, the metering is so much more accurate (inc spot metering - yay!).

Sadly though i'm feeling rough-as this arvo so i'm forced to curl up on the sofa with a duvet, and only a couple of Newfs and a couple of Canons for company....


Jo said...

Oh dear Katy.... two camera household here too.. can definately recommend it! lol

joe said...

Brilliant photos of lola good to see her out and about cool.

Clare said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Katy, from a one rubbish camera household! You need to take me out and get me sorted (with a camera I mean!)

love Clare x

Beckie aka Bexter said...

PMSL!!! You are just too naughty!!
Enjoy!! :)