Saturday 5 January 2008

Housekeeping - Newfie Style

Martha doesn't like clean floors.... or walls.... or anything to be honest... so whenever i've cleaned the kitchen floor, she likes to try her hardest to immediately get it even dirtier than it was to start with! So today she found her scummiest, most chewed, slobberiest (sp) and most caked in mud toy she could find from the garden and deposited it on the floor! Thanks Marth! Martha loves balls, she's rather adept at football and thought it was a perfect day a quick match around the kitchen table! So in her honour... my picture of the day! (I don't need a macro lens, i don't need a macro lens, i don't need a macro lens.... repeat until convinced!)

1 comment:

Jo said...

sorry katy.. but i have to disagree... you really do need a macro lens! I love mine! Great for portraits too.