Thursday 24 January 2008

Just call me Jacques Cousteau!

It's not amazing... but it's definately Newfie legs and they are definately underwater! Hurrah for Olympus!

Lola thoroughly enjoyed the second of her biweekly hydrotherapy sessions, and I got almost as wet as her as usual!

I made another little purchase last week, that arrived yesterday and it had it's first outing today. Although Martha knows exactly how to walk nicely to heel, she's at that naughty teenager stage and weighing in at about 10stone when she gets a bit excited to see other dogs, she can get a bit strong, so I've invested in a Dogmatic. It's an absolute revelation! It's now absolutely no effort to walk her and is a lot more relaxing for us both, i'm thinking that walking calmly is the best way to train her that walking calmly is a good thing!!

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