Friday 25 January 2008

Martha's Cheer Squad

Walking Martha in the village this afternoon, I was stopped by a girl who ran out of the hairdressers and asked if it was ok if she could say 'Hello' to Martha. 'Of course' I said, Martha loves meeting everyone and anyone who's brave enough to risk the slobber is ok by me, straight away she asked if I could bring Martha to meet the rest of the staff, and all of a sudden Martha is being swamped by about 8 hairdressers!!! I was tempted to leave her with them for a quick trim and blow-dry! I wonder if it'll work the same with Fireman or Rugby players???


Jo said...

I'll come with you if it's Firemen! Sod the slobber!!! :)

Kat B said...

Dont you just love the Newfie cheer squads!! Bru has his very own fan club as well!! Takes ages to get anywhere if kids are about!! Funny how kids dont mind the slaver..

And im fighting you to the Firemen!!