Wednesday 2 January 2008

My name is Katy and I'm a Scenic Route Addict...

When I get some new Scenic Route papers (I received both Loveland and Roxbury for Christmas - Thanks Mum!), I have a tough time using anything else until it's nearly all gone! I just adore every little bit about it! It's one of those rare ranges that I sometimes by second sheets once i've used them, being double sided makes it doubly difficult!

So for challenge 2 from the Autumn Leaves Challenge I dipped into Loveland again.

The picture is of Martha's lovely big brown snout, taken with my new wide angle lens - so it looks even more massive then it is! This is the view I get when I come home just before I literally get a big bear hug from her! She's such a cuddly bun! Way sillier about cuddles than any of the previous 3. Lola is pretty silly, but she's a kisser!

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