Friday 4 January 2008

The nose knows...

Rain, rain and more rain today, rather depressing and the sort of cold that makes you want a hot water bottle to snuggle up in. I received the most amazing snuggly dressing gown for Christmas - it's a gorgeous deep crimson with great big pale pink spots, so I'm quite happy snuggled up away from the rain!

Rain also means more indoor pictures, i love my 50mm lens but it's quite a feat getting Martha in focus with such a narrow depth of field, with her bouncing around! And there's plenty of slobber to see (which I know Jo will love if she's reading!! Haha) Here's hoping I can get out and about tomorrow!

Day 4 of the AL Calendar will be uploaded tomorrow now, i've got a great picture in mind to use for this one!

I'm keeping quiet at the moment, but I'll have some news to share soon... so watch this space.. It's all quite exciting!!


Jo said...

Eeeeewwww slobber! Katy you know me too well. Love Martha and her gorgeous big wet nose but sorry, just can't do the slobber bit. Glad you're back into blogging. Have missed you. x

Emma said...

Exciting news?!