Sunday 4 May 2008

May the Fourth Be With You!

Most dogs love toys with a bit of texture, be it fluffy, crunchy, rubbery or chewy, but toys with a bit of rope, like a tuggy rope seem to be really popular, but Newfies seem to have a particular love them. Be it a ball or Kong on a rope, or just a big knotted chewy rope they adore them! I'm sure there must be some deep seated dormant genetic memory of pulling boats into shore in the frosty waters of Newfoundland. They love to tug, shake and flail them about and never mind the consequences of bruised shins! Martha will woof and woof to try to encourage anyone who'll listen to be her playmate! So here's Martha in the dark this evening insisting on one last game today!

ps... I make no apologies for the obvious Star Wars joke today!

1 comment:

joe said...

Martha likes playing with her toys and knows how to get attention,excellent photo.