Monday 26 May 2008

The Resurrection...

After a very sad laundering mishap, I attempted a last gasp chance of life for my iPod... and after a few days in the airing cupboard it's WORKING!! The screen is a bit damaged, and the wheel is a bit less responsive but it's doing the most important thing... playing music! Hurrah!

So as you'd expect on a bank holiday Monday (and especially following a day of gorgeous warm weather) we were granted a night and day of pouring rain! A little trip to the Forest was in order to flood-spot! Just as a comparison, this is the ford across one of the roads where Martha likes to paddle. This is the sight on Sunday... the measure you can see in the background shows '0' where the lowest point of the road is, and as you can see it's about 6 inches below that....

And here's the scene at about lunchtime today! Yes, that's 3 feet of water in 24 hours!! It was even a bit fierce for Martha, who had to be content with splashing about on the grass nearby!

There were a few peeps with cameras, hanging about, and everyone nearly experienced a very scary sight, one chap in a Landrover started to attempt to cross the ford, but thought better of it once he spotted the measure!

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