Tuesday 20 May 2008

What do you get if you mix....

.....an iPod with a washing machine? The answer is rather sad... if you look closely you can even see water behind the LCD. So if anyone knows a good deal on iPods, let me know! I'm thinking a classic might be a winner, at least if it's a bit bigger i'm less likely to lose/wash it!

And just on a cheerier note, here's a baby cow in the Forest!! I think he's a Devon, so he's a couple of counties far over!


Bunnymommy said...

Aww cute cow!! She looks like shes smiling too.

Sorry about your ipod but it is funny!! Check out ebay or maybe some of those comparison sites. Might get a good deal online rather than instore. I've never owned one but look really cool.

The Zoo said...

I have a Classic and LOVE IT! Sorry about your iPod. If you replace it defintely get the classic or the touch. They are both very, very nice!