Wednesday 7 May 2008


As predicted (ok not on here... so you'll have to take my word for it!) the baby donkeys have started arriving! And OH MY GOD this little guy (girl?) was just the cutest little thing! I reckon this is the first one (at least round here) and he wasn't about on Monday night so he's a day and a bit old at the most!

And of course the obligitory pic of Martha - loving the comedy shaking picture, just check out those droopy jowls!!

I have a great big pile of layouts to scan and share and i'll try my very hardest tomorrow if i get a spare min!!! (I promise Dawn!)


Dawn said...

I love Geoffrey :-)
I'm not really a stalker, honest, just very very nosey
Can't wait to see your fab layouts - don't forget you're a great inspiration for those of us that feel far safer with cards.

joe said...

Cute baby donkey, excellent photos i like them a lot.

Scrapping4fun said...

Loving your photos, especially the baby donkey!!