Wednesday 21 May 2008

New Toys

mAfter watching the gorgeous weather we are having through the window while I was at work today, I couldn't wait to rush out to take Martha for a swim after work! And thankfully the weather held on and we had a great time splashing about!!

I was glad today to be asked by the Papermania team to create some projects to be featured on the packaging of some cool new products, it's loads of fun to be the first to play with new toys! I can't share yet, sorry!


The Zoo said...

Hi Katy! Martha is beautiful! I love seeing Newfs swim...they are very much in their element! I wanted to tell you about a really cool place where you can get a lot of info on Newfs and chat with other Newf owners from all over the world! Most are in the US but some are in England, Ireland, Spain, Turkey and even Australia! I'm not sure if you've heard of it but it's called Newf Net. If you Google "NEWF NET" you should find it. Hope you will join in on the fun! Great pictures by the way! I, too, am really into photography. I'm still learning though as it's still pretty new to me. So much to learn! Give your Newfs a hug for us!


Jazzy1972 said...

What brilliant pictures, don't you just love those candid one off shots and when you look back you smile. Fab and she is such a gorgeous dog. Jay x

joe said...

Hello Katy Martha looks as if she is having fun in the water, excellent photos.