Monday 5 January 2009

Bits and pieces...

Going back to work after 10 days off is always a strain and today was no different... you get rather used to drifting vaguely around till mid morning, having a wander with the dogs and taking your time with your 365 photo... And therein lies the truth of the matter - I'm happy to go back to work, but I'm already addicted to the 365 and trying to fit it into either a dark morning or darker evening is a bit of a strain... But in any case I've managed it so it can only get easier from here!

First up is the pile of some of the various bits and pieces I seem to need to get through my day. My phone, my lovely new iPod, and my keys including my 'blipper' from work. Such a thrilling selection of bits seemed to need some of the ol' B&W treatment.
Next up is Martha's pic... she was settled down watching a bit of TV (yesterday's Countryfile) and I'm not sure she was altogether thrilled with my shoving a camera up her nose!


Sarah xx said...

Aaawww! Bless! Love those crinkly ears.

{ Emma } said...

Great idea for a photo with your "daily bits" - might have to pinch that one day when I'm stuck for time and it's dark. And Martha is so cute, great photo as always.