Saturday 24 January 2009

I'm in the mood...for spring!

Somehow everything seems so much more happy and optimistic with a touch of sun, a blue sky and the first day for what seems like forever that you don't need 2 jumpers!
A lovely drive and walk in the New Forest in the sunshine was just the ticket today, even the foresty creatures, ponies, donkeys and deer to name but a few seemed thrilled to have chance to bask in the sun and dry/thaw out properly. Combined with lighter evenings it's really got me in the mood for spring... if it would only hurry up and arrive!
As much as the girls adore a swim and a stroll, afterwards you can't beat a visit to the local Pet shop - their favourite is Pampurred Pets, as they love the staff and have a great hit-rate on begging for freebie treats!
The girls tend to treat the 'pick n mix' food and biscuits as an all you can eat buffet, munching on biscuits, mixer, as well as rabbit and fish food!
Both of the girls have visited since they were puppies, even before they were able to go out for walkies so I had to carry in a giant puppy, nearly breaking my back in the process! Lot's of cuddles from staff and fellow shoppers resulted and it was the perfect socialisation process... and it certainly worked, they head straight behind the counter when they arrive and site nicely for chewies!
And I leave you with a cute pic of the troll doing her favourite thing... having a little woof!


{ Emma } said...

Looks like a gorgeous day. We've had blue skies here too but it was REALLY cold.

Clare said...

great piccies as always Katy. I've tagged you! come on over to my blog to find out more! Love, Clare x