Saturday 31 January 2009

Long way from home...

My proposed Millets trip was a total bust... in that the shop had gone!! So second best was nipping into our teeny weeny Cotton Traders concessions tucked away in the local garden centre. I grabbed myself a nice waterproof pair and went straight out to try them out! And I'm pleased to say they do exactly what it says on the tin... sorted.
Thanks to the New Forest Group on Flickr (and some judicious use of Google Earth) today I found a lovely lake that i'd not come across before. The absolute best thing about it was a small group of Mandarin Ducks living totally wild on it! The gorgeous bright plumage belongs to the drakes - the girls are much drabber and you can just see one hiding behind. Not a great pic as this is a huge crop... now where's that 400mm lens when you need one??
I leave you with Martha's pic of the day... she's a helpful little soul... she even helped me finish my pudding this evening!

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