Sunday 25 January 2009


I've been tagged by one of my favourite people (one of my faves because she takes lots of light hearted ribbing in the spirit it's intended and because she's an all round good gal!) Clare Curd... (she's also a pretty awesome cardmaker so make sure you go and visit her!

I like this tag because it's a bit different... What I have to do is go to folder 6 in my picture stash and post picture 6 in that folder. I'm don't have a shed-load of photos on my lappy, but I am a nightmare for renaming folders, instead leaving them as Windows creates them, so I went straight to 'New Folder 6' and picture 6 is this one..
You can tell I'm not cheating as it's a bit crap! You can even seen my jeans hanging on the radiator! And no... that's not a real arm is munching on... it's a Halloween pic. Of course if you're a burgler, then yes, it's a real arm!

I have to tag 5 more people to do this little task too...

Emma - fellow 365er
Debbie - fellow Newfie owner and scrapper... you have to check out her miniature horses!
Louise - Pro-Photographer and the next Carol Klein
Willow - Creativity Life DT member
Emma C - Great friend and new mummy! She might be a bit busy to do this at the mo... but it's a good excuse to link you to her blog to see her new bundle of joy!

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Clare said...

Great picture Katy!wow, it does look like a real hand. At first inspection I thought, "Katy musn't mind Martha(is it?) munching on her hand!", Thanks for the lovely words about my work, and the fun we have when I come to visit you and generally pester you for a good few days. See you next week. get that holiday request in sharpish! Love, Clare x