Thursday 22 January 2009

Not mushroom...

With a 365 there's always going to be a day when you decide to photograph your dinner, or in my case a bit of it... I love shooting toadstools, but can honestly say this is the first time it's been one i'm about to eat!
Another thing about a 365 is that there will be lots of days when you don't get to see daylight so i've decided to stop moaning about it and embrace it... so I was out in the pitch black tonight with Martha and a Speedlite. It's kind of like a big version of my bracelet shot from yesterday!
And it would be wrong not to share a page using one of my pictures this month. A lovely snuggly pic of my favourite girls!


willowthewysp said...

Stunning stunning stunning layout!

Clare said...

Lovely mushroom! Love how you've caught all the inside bits! There's an award for you on my blogger blog. Love, Clare x