Wednesday 28 January 2009

Do you even need to ask?

With the dark depressing evenings continuing i'm yearning for a bit of colour in my photographs. The perfect candidate (at least for now) is this gorgeous Colorbox inkpad - especially gorgeous because it's barely been used so looks perfect!
Martha wasn't really up for posing tonight, so I had to grab this snoozy picture of her great big gob! I love how her huge jowels spread right out on the carpet!
Like most dogs she has various little words and phrases her (and Lola's) favourite at the moment is 'Are you hungry?' Of course the answer is ALWAYS yes, and is normally accompanied with a hilarious extreme head-tilt! So funny!

1 comment:

Sarah xx said...

This is the cutest pic ever of Martha - all snoozy - I love it - she just needs a huge hug! Great layout too x