Sunday 11 May 2008

Bath Time!

It's great to have some gorgeous sunny, but Newfies definately qualify as real honorary Brits... as soon as it gets hot, we all moan that it's TOO hot! Martha is fine with the heat as long as she has constant (and I mean constant!) access to gallons of water, but Lola can't abide direct sun, even if it's actually not that hot!

So with Lola finding little corners out of the sun, I took the opportunity to give Martha a nice bath! It's quite a task bathing a Newf, they of course have a fabulous waterproof, double coat and it's an effort to get them wet to the skin and then equally hard work to get the shampoo out! Martha was a trooper and stood perfectly during the whole procedure!

Afterwards she felt lovely and cool so had just enough energy for a good game of tug rope!

I've got some glorious eye candy to share tomorow.... so check back!!


joe said...

Newfs like cool temp. when playing, great photo.

Kerry said...

I bet she loved it. Wouldn't have wanted to be near when she shook it all off though LOL