Saturday 2 August 2008

And so to bed!

My first full chickeny day today...... Woke up at 6am and peeked out the window and lo and behold there was a fox skulking up the end! Thank goodness the run and house are chicken proof! Martha was straight outside and weed right by the run - fabulous territory marking!
Here's Delilah, she loves the camera already!
Ruby is definately the bravest, she loves eating from my hand, a trick that Valerie has learnt from her today as well.
When you first get chickens they aren't always sure where they need to go to bed, so last night i had to show 4 of the girls by popping them in the door of the house - this sounds a pretty simple task, but the run has a pretty small door that you have to crawl through (quite a sticky prospect!).... not even as much fun as it sounds in the dark! I've since made a custom amendment so it's all good now! Tonight though all the clever little ladies took themselves off to bed by 9.15pm! So all i have to do is close the door up so they are snug in their little house!


Anita said...

Glad your lovely ladies are settling in well Katy and yay for Martha for kind of protecting them from Foxy Loxy!

Emma said...

Foxy Loxy is a cheeky monkey!!

Lovin' the new lifestyle - Jamie Oliver & co would be so proud!!

Looking forward to my eggs ;-)