Sunday 10 August 2008

And then there were two!

I'm sure we might have a case for going to trading standards... I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to need to be wearing your winter coat in August, but as I'm a 'glass is half full' kind of girl, I embraced the fact that it wasn't raining today, donned my cosy jacket and took Lola and Martha for a paddle up near Fritham in the New Forest. Right next to the pond were some Shetlands, including this snuggly pair of foals!
Talking of cute animals here are some pics of some much happier chooks today! They aren't so fond of the wind/rain either!
A special mention has to go to Valerie who came up with the goods for a second time, producing a 38g beauty! I feel a dippy egg may just be on the menu for tomorrow!

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