Saturday 16 August 2008

Golden Saturday!

If there was an Olympics for Newfies i think Martha would excel in the pool of course.... move over (Dame?) Becky Adlington!...or maybe she'd be Gold medal standard at slobbering...
As it is I'm keeping myself busy with the real Olympics! Like most of the country I adore the rowing and screamed my encouragement for all our crews, but especially the truly heroic Fours this afternoon!
But the highlight for me is the velodrome - extreme screaming from me again especially in the amazing Keirin with the superhuman Chris Hoy grabbing gold and Ross Edgar amazing with a Silver as well as Bradley Wiggins and Steven Burke who were both AWESOME in the 4K pursuit. I think the track cycling has been fascinating ever since Chris Boardman famously blew the competition away in Barcelona in '92. I was gutted to miss the live race of the team pursuit final in the week so pretty darn happy that there was some great competition today! And more tomorrow!

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