Wednesday 20 August 2008

Journal Junkie!

There's a new challenge over at 'A True Friend' - this time we're attempting to put some of that sunny feeling back into this rather moist summer that we're having! - We want to know how your pet likes to spend those hot, sunny days. There are no prizes for guessing Martha's preferred method of chilling out! It's all about the paddling!
This is another page using the Summer Survival kit.. along with a few bits and pieces that I keep within arms reach at all times. I may have one of the worlds' biggest collections of journalling blocks, and it's one thing I find it very, very hard to resist. One reason for this is that i'm a total Etsy junkie where you can find blocks in every hue, theme and size. They are great for journalling (obviously!) but also for layering up other elements and titles  - you can never have too many - it's onw of those budget essentials that you just have to have a good stock of!

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