Saturday 23 August 2008

Camera Caution!

After ending work for a week or so for a well earned break, I popped up to take Martha for a paddle in the lovley afternoon sun yesterday, and aside from a fairly spectacular flying fall into the mud, all went well! Martha was so excited to get in the water that she managed to pull me off balance and combined with muddy ground and my own apparant lack of cordination I managed to end up face first on the floor!
Of course I had my SLR with me but it survived the fall! (My 400D not the 40D - i'm too scared to take that near water - and probably with good reason thanks to my track record of ruining equipment in water!)

Thank goodness for the soft ground and for my long (Amy Butler fabric) camera strap - i bought a long strap a while back from this Etsy seller - the thinking behind it being that I can wear the camera on my hip slung around my body - essential when with the dogs, as if i lose my grip on it or if I need two hands quickly for any reason, I can literally let go and it will be safe! It's also less likely to swing about if you bend over for whatever reason - dogs, kids, etc. it's also good if you have two cameras, one round your body and one round your neck!
I'm sure if it had just been around my neck (or in my hand) my camera would have become a very expensive frisbee and the result wouldn't have been as good!

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