Monday 4 August 2008

3 steps to madness!

So after her day of being clean and pretty, it was back to normal for Martha, up to her neck in water and sloshing about in the mud... Newfie Heaven!
I don't know about you, but whenever I get a new interest (nay... obsession!) there are a number of steps to integrating it into my life... first I like to find myself a nice comfy forum to spend some time in - likeminded people to chat to without boring the rest of your friends and relatives rigid and also for gaining loads and loads of knowledge!

Then a little visit to Amazon is in order to stock up on some books... although i love the internet, I can't resist a little pile of books.... ok.. ok.... a great big pile! - in fact this is one of the best things about working a long way away from a 'Borders' I can't resist blowing the cash in there, and it's much safer for my credit card if i don't go near!

Next stop is ebay... I can't resist a little bit of retail therapy... it doesn't have to be pricey (I can live without designer handbags...) but this little nugget arrived on my doormat this morning.... hands up who wants a chicken shaped cookie? And frankly where else could you get this sort of thing!?


Anita said...

Me me me !! Are you bringing cookies to the crop ?!!

Jo Austin said...

Errrmmm... Me please...I need a cookie.. haven't eaten anything for two days because I ain't been well.. so a chucky cookie would go down just fine.. lol

Jo x

Jo said...

Thanks for the invite - loving the new blog. That has to be the coolest hen house ever!