Saturday 2 August 2008

Bok Bok!

Been a bit busy the last few days... and here's why! I'd like to introduce to you the very best way to reduce your food miles and go organic! Soon we'll be talking food yards!
Delilah is a Cuckoo Maran
Betty is a 'Miss Pepperpot'
Lily is a Coral, named after the coral coloured egg she will produce!
Ruby is a Gingernut Ranger, she's the most friendly of the bunch so far....
Valerie is a Mendlesham Blue... sounds rather posh and she definately thinks she at the top of the pecking order.... literally!
And Sally is a Light Sussex... she's a real show off and enjoys posing for the camera already!
And here's where they all live.... it's all plastic so easy peasy to clean!! Loving the 'Good Life' already!
The girls love them already and although quite excited around them at the moment, they are calming down already! The hens couldn't care less about the dogs, and hopefully a pair of big hairy Newfs should keep Mr Fox at bay too!


Anita said...

Oh Katy how exciting , they are gorgeous ! I have so wanted chickens for ages but the old man says the dogs would drive them mad ... he did come and have a peek at the piccies tho and said to say he loves the pink chicken house ... not sure if he meant it about the colour or not but I think its fab !

Jo said...

Loving the pink gypsy caravan as their new home Katy! Haven't got any myself (think Charley would eat them) but my neighbours have and they are so cute roaming around the side lane. And bet you get some yummy fresh eggs from them too. x

Jo said...

oh Katy... I could be tempted.. but however, I reckon Paul would absolutely kill me!!!

love Jo.. cluck cluck

Sandie Da Silva said...

sooo cute!

Bunnymommy said...

They are so cute! love their pink home! They are certainly living the high life! Be sure to get some strong wire protection that goes into the ground for a bit, as those foxes dig!

Nikki said...

I love the chickens and the run!
Does it come in purple? lol

I could be very tempted!

Looking great!

Beckie Dreyer said...

Oh my goodness you have chickens and they have a pink coupe! That is just too funny!!