Thursday 4 June 2015

10 Ways You Know You're A Runner.

While the best way of knowing you're a runner is the moment you run, here are a few more fun ways you can definitely tell you're becoming a runner.

1. You can't resist a running themed t-shirt.

For runners who also love a geeky reference! Available from Busted Tees.

'For the Long Run' tee from TK Maxx

Nike 'Not Running Sucks' from Sports Direct.

2. It's all about the BLING! Sure... local, picturesque or challenging races are fine and dandy, but who are we kidding? If there isn't a medal we'll be thinking twice (at least) about entering. Give us the BLING!

3. The only new shoes you get REALLY excited about are a new pair of 'runners'.

4. You can justify things like this as post long-run 'fuel'. #runtoeat

5. Neon suddenly seems much more appealing. And not just in running gear - you've never seen anyone as excited as me to see neon everyday clothes hitting the high street!

6. A WHSmith haul is almost always exclusively running based.

7. And somehow reading a 'real' book also becomes an opportunity to read about running. Perfect for a long soak in the bath after a long run.

8. When winter comes you have absolutely no qualms about going out in public dressed as a neon ninja. #winterproblems

9. Your Instagram is full of pictures of your wrist. Or your feet.

10. ...and the most unattractive and sweaty but blissfully happy selfies you ever did see!

Happy running everyone!

Juneathon Day 4 update - Rest day for me so just a walk and some vigorous gardening!

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