Wednesday 17 June 2015

Faster than the average bear

I've never been any good at sport (apart from the sport of avoiding sport!) and if you'd asked me when I first started running I'd have been thrilled to just be able to run at all. At the start 5 minutes non-stop seemed highly unlikely and 5k seemed like an impossibility. 

But as we all know eventually you improve and that drive to improve and the self-motivating and self-rewarding aspect of beating a previous time or running just a bit further is one of the things I love most about running. There are no comparisons to other people, just the possibility of improving myself. I'm never going to win a race, I'm never going to break any records, but when I spotted this infographic about the average road racer (Based on US statistics) I was intrigued to take a look. I'd kill to be average at something I never dreamt of doing just a year ago!

The statistics really surprised me. Out of the distances that I've raced (no marathon for me so far!) I'm  a bit older than the average racer but the faster than average in all of them! How is that possible? Whatever the reason I'm still thrilled!

Juneathon update - Rest day from running for me today but I did get to my second Yoga class of the week - it was hot as hell and pretty hardcore too - who said yoga was gentle? Loving it!

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