Friday 5 June 2015

The perfect commute - Running to Work

About once a week I ditch the car and set off to run my morning commute to work. It's about 6.5km if I go via the roads and 8.5km if I go the scenic route via my local country park - three guesses which I choose?

So for day 5 of Juneathon I ran from home via Moors Valley country park to the office. It's a lovely route taking in playing fields, rivers and streams, two lakes, forest and woodland and a golf course.

Sometimes a circuit around the park is done at full tilt, but when I run to work I take it easy and often stop to take some pictures and to see the wildlife. Today it was a family of swans, Great Crested Grebes and Green and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.

I tend to commute with a de-bladdered Camelbak Dart stashed with a bit of cash and a waterproof and a cap, but for the rest of my gear I'm a master of preparation!

Working in an office with other humans obviously means I need to make myself look and smell presentable and judging by the obligatory mid-run selfie it's an essential process.

I have a stash of clothes in which to change into, plus soap, wipes, makeup and everyone's favourite dry shampoo. I even have a set of hair straighteners hiding in my desk drawer!

Happy Running everyone!

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