Saturday, 6 June 2015

Salisbury parkrun #1

After my first foray into the world of parkrun last week, today I ventured to Salisbury for their inaugural event and it was a good one. By all accounts it seems to have been a labour of love to get this new venture off the ground so it was great to see 237 runners turn out on a glorious morning in sight of the majestic Cathedral overlooking Churchill Gardens (appropriate for D-Day). 

There was a great atmosphere and the local Salisbury runners turned out in force. The volunteers looked ecstatic to have their new run come to fruition and were wonderfully supportive all the war around the course.

And indeed they needed to be proactive as the course was full of twists and turns, grassy stretches, bridges and low-hanging weeping willows and with a 3 lap course I was happy to get a similar time to last week at Poole (despite that being all on tarmac and with mostly sweeping turns!). 

The park is right in the city but with a  river and trees surrounding it, you'd hardly notice. A lovely city park.

I'll leave you with a few pics from the flickr pool - I look rather serious in all of these I'm afraid! I promise I had a lovely time really!

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