Sunday 21 June 2015

Race for Life 2015

Set off this morning to Poole for the 2015 5km Race for Life. 11am always seems a really late start for a race, but of course I was there by 9.45am. It wouldn't do to not be early! As I mentioned yesterday this was my first race last year and I definitely felt more at ease this year!

Like last year Mum came along today and it was great to have her there for support and to soak up the wonderful atmosphere of Race for Life! I tend to go to races solo and it was also a real novelty to be able to bring a bag of gear along!

Mum and I at Race for Life! #raceforlife #cruk #poolepark #poole

The overcast morning and frankly windy morning on the waterfront at Poole soon gave way to glorious sunshine and as we set off (after the obligatory fun pre-race warm-up) it was definitely heating up. Thankfully there is a bit of a breeze along the way from Poole Harbour and this just about took the edge off.

I could tell I was keeping a fare pace and it felt good to be back into my stride a little as my runs this week have been rather hard-going. As last year the course was a little short but that's not the important figure on this screen grab from Garmin... it's that cheeky 5:30 pace. That my friends is 5 seconds a km faster than my PB over 5K. (and 1m 35s a km faster than last year!) While it won't be making it to my PB list, I know deep down that I had it in the bag. Happy days!

Of course at the finish there was a great reception and a fun dog-tag medal - a great idea for the 'Pink Army'. Once I'd stuffed down the essential post-race snack I headed off for a celebratory pizza! Yum!

Race for life done! And a #pb too! #raceforlife #poole #poolepark #cruk #sweatyselfie

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JesseHanson said...

Go Katy go. I am so proud of you for making it through to the end of the race of life. I tried such a thing once and I know how tiresome it can get. Meanwhile can you please lend me those imprinted medals for my instagram. Hahahah!