Tuesday 16 June 2015

Fitbit - 2 year update

This time last year I wrote this post all about my Fitbit One - well another year has passed and for my two year anniversary I thought I break down some stats.

Last year - 1485 miles
This year - 1964 miles
Total - 3449 miles

Last year - 3,423,819 steps
This year - 4,243,475 steps
Total - 7,667,294 steps

Floors climbed -
Last year - 7961 floors
This year - 6437 floors
Total 14,398 floors

My best day was 27th December with over 33,000 steps which perhaps unsurprisingly was the day I ran a Half- Marathon distance for the first time - somehow I had the energy to walk a further 4 miles the same day!

A year ago I'd only just started running so I clearly stayed much more active in the last year - I was definitely walking a lot more in my first year though and the difference in floors, I'm sure, says a lot about this - somehow it's just not the same running up those steep-steep hills!

I still swear by my Fitbit, it's hugely motivating and I can't think of a day in the last year that I've been without it - I did invest in a replacement clip for it as the first one had got a little loose, but the Fitbit itself is still going strong!

Juneathon update - An easy 7km recovery run for me today - although in the heat and humidity it felt a whole lot less easy than usual!

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