Sunday 21 June 2015

Looking forward to my race anniversary. Race For Life.

A year ago today I was nervously gathering my running gear together for my first ever race - the 2014 Poole Race for Life for Cancer Research UK. I was always nervous before big events but another big change in my life is that attending races isn't really a big worry for me anymore! Apart from a bit of anxiety about getting to the start on time and finding parking etc I'm pretty much as cool as a cucumber!

As it turned out I was right on time this time last year and had heaps of fun - Race for Life is a wonderful uplifting experience with hundreds of women of all ages, shapes and sizes, running and walking for a great cause.

So tonight I've marked this anniversary, by once again laying out my running gear for my second Race for Life. I'm really looking forward to ending it this time without the nerves, plus it's the first time I'd aimed to raise a bit of cash for charity since last year - it's nice to give something back!

Ready for Race for Life tomorrow at #poolepark #poole #raceforlife #cancerresearch #cancerresearchuk #running #runnersofunstagram #juneathon

From left to right I've got my Asana water bottle, Generic cheapo running sunnies, iPod Shuffle and Yurbuds earphones, Race for Life tee, Nike Anodyne DS2 Trainers, Garmin Forerunner 10, Under Armour Compression Capris, Primark running vest and Gap Sports Bra.

If you'd like to sponsor me to raise funds for Cancer Research you can do that here. Every single penny makes a difference.

Juneathon update - Rest day pre race but I did have the wettest long beach walk in history with the dogs!

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frankie said...

Wow.. Your mom is so cute and lovely. I am now thinking about my mom who is living in another state and its been so long that i have visited her.